Services Exclusively for the NonQual Market

NQ Fiduciary Services specializes in supporting plan advisors and plan sponsors with in-depth due diligence, fiduciary monitoring and assessment, and proactive account management of nonqualified benefit plans. Although these types of services have long been available for qualified plans, NQFS is pioneering a much-needed advancement by bringing fiduciary services to the nonqual marketplace.

Nonqualified deferred compensation plans bridge the unique retirement savings gap that highly compensated executives (HCEs) inevitably face. Utilizing low-expense, tax-efficient investments, NQFS creates and manages cost efficient nonqualified plans to help companies attract and retain mission-critical employees.

Mid-size to large employers can more effectively reward key executives. Smaller organizations can aggregate with other similarly sized companies to scale, positioning them to better compete for top talent. Plan sponsors and plan participants know with confidence that their objectives are our priority at NQFS. 

NQFS Services

  • Curated investment menu selection based on comprehensive due diligence. Assisting our clients in the development of an Investment Policy Statement establishes the parameters and themes of menu construction and manager grading tolerances.
  • Ongoing manager oversight and reporting, benchmarking all cost components of your plan (recordkeeping, rabbi trustee, investment performance, investment fees and expenses, and plan features).
  • Objective change recommendations; as with our market-leading transparent approach, we identify and track trends to keep our clients informed and prepared.


NQFS was purpose built to deliver high-level, independent and customized services, long overdue in the nonqualified plan marketplace.

— Scott Cahill, Jr.